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Bow-e-Web Video.

Professional Video Production for the Web or Demo Disk
With a honours degree in film and media, experience on film sets, commercial video, demo disks and the appropriate equipment we have the capacity to integrate professionally produced video with the web.

What for:
Assembly instructions of your product.
Products that have visual impact and can only be appreciated when in motion.
Presentations, Tutorials, Educational Video
A virtual tour
A show reel
A process using graphics and video.

Sample 1
A process video showing the testing equipment required for diesel injectors.
Click here to see the vodeo

Sample 2
A promotional video for the Avon Ri Activity Centre in Blessington showing the activities available. Click here to see the reel

Sample 3.
An educational video tour. This example has the video embedded in the web page. Click here to view the tour.

Sample 4.
A virtual tour of a house for sale accessible from both and
Click here to view

Sample 5.
A short section of a DVD produced for McGraths Quarry in Cong as part of a submission to the European Environmental Awards which they achieved. This sample is loaded on vimeo which allows high definition video.
Click here to view

Sample 6.
A 12 second local adverisement for Reva Spa which was run in Thomond Park using adswitch technology to replace commercial TV ads with local and in house ads.
Click here to view

It is Your Choice.
You decide what you would like to show and we capture and edit it professionally.