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What to consider when you need a web presence.

What is your business?

You need to sit down and focus on a description of exactly what you want to put on the web. It has to be clear, specific and simple. Do not attempt to be a jack of all trades by listing too many services, focus on what you are specialised in and only present that on the web.


Search engines try to find sites that are relevant to the search critearia their users look for and will prioritise their listings based on specifics. So if you have hundreds of services listed you will be way down the queue.
If a user finds a page that has too many options not relevant to what they are looking for they will leave.
If you have difficulty defining your business for the web we can help you.

Do you have a Logo?

If you currently have a business logo it can be adapted for the web. If not we can design it with you.

You will need to promote your website

The web address will have to be advertised, on business cards, letterhead, in your office reception, on your vehicles and uniforms. You should do a mailshot to all your contacts telling them about your new site, every email sent by your organisation should have the address in the signature. etc.